Term & Condition


- Tenants are prohibited from doing:

  • Mortgaged vehicle
  • Sublease to others
  • Sell
  • On behalf of herself at the time of rental for use of others
  • Using the car for a crime
  • Raise the rental price of our offer (Mark Up)

- 1-month rental period is calculated 30 days
- Replacement of vehicles does not apply if the damage / accident caused by negligence of the tenant
- Rent car without driver is required only to monitor vehicle maintenance


The procedure for car rental companies:
- Photocopy SIUP and NPWP (Tax Report)
- Certificate of company
- Letter of vehicle booking
- Copy of ID card of directors, or officials who responsible
- Copy of SIM driver if the vehicle hire without driver
- Pay the deposit as a guarantee of insurance money (refundable at end of lease)

Car rental procedures for individuals:
- fill the biodata form tenant
- Submit a copy of KTP, KK, passport or other identity
- Willing to our survey and address of your residence
- If you do not have a fixed address, are required to have a guarantor who still have family who already have a fixed address and are willing to engage and contract signature
- Copy SIM to rent without driver
- Pay the deposit as a guarantee of insurance money (refundable at end of lease)

Terms of daily rental without a driver:
- Previously you have been hired at least 1 month in our Car Rental with a good record and your data is recorded in our office before
- Pay a deposit of at least Rp. 500.000, – which will be returned when the lease term ends car
- Signature of the contract and making vehicles in the office can not be represented by another person
- If you do not or do not meet the three requirements above, sorry we can not lease the vehicle for your daily

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