Frequently Asked Questions

Why deposit must be paid in advance?

Because the deposit is a guarantee for insurance claims if someday accident or damage happen to the car caused by the negligence of the user, all damage will be covered by the insurance, but if the return trip car rental vehicles there is no damage, deposit will be refunded entirely through transfers.

Can I do the Mark Up Prices?

No. We do not allow giving orders raise the price of rental car  to  companies / institutions that provide the budget to hire a vehicle. We will maintain our company’s credibility by not legalizing the practice of price manipulation and corruption to the employees of companies / institutions that hire our vehicles.

Can I rent without a driver’s for daily car rental?

Yes. If you already meet the criteria that we describe in these terms and conditions page

What if the car was stolen when my lease?

1. Tenants are required to immediately report to the Autonet Rent Car maximum of 1 × 24 hours when the incident occurred
2. make sure the vehicle registration (STNK) and vehicle key is still in the hands of tenants
3. If it does not meet the 2 conditions are the tenant is required to replace the vehicle at 100% of the price of a car with a fair market price based on vehicle age
4. If you meet the 2 conditions above. Our rental car was equipped with All Risk insurance, so that tenants do not need to replace. To be borne by the tenant only deposit money and cash compensation for lack of insurance reimbursement (price car market – Money insurance replacement)

What if the car is damaged?

1. If the damage caused by carelessness and negligence of the tenant but could be replaced by insurance, the deposit money paid will be forfeited.
For example: collision, abrasions, scratches, etc.
2. If the damage caused by carelessness and negligence of the tenant but can not be replaced by insurance, the tenant must replace the damage.
For example: modifying a vehicle, dry radiator water, etc.
3. If the damage is purely due to the use of the vehicle, then the tenants are not charged a fee for replacement, and the tenant is entitled to a replacement vehicle if the damage took more than 4 hours to repair.
Example: battery wear, tire wear, clutch plates, etc.

What if there is an accident on the road?

1. Autonet Rent Car Party will deal with the problem of vehicle damage, during yet to receive confirmation and approval of Autonet Rent Car, tenants are prohibited to repair the car in any garage or money deposit will be forfeited and repair costs will not be replaced
2. If the car in trouble with local police, causing the car must be arrested to be material evidence. Tenants must pay the expenses of the police car and still pay rent for the car was still in the police office.
3. If the car can not be executed, then the tenant is responsible for the cost of towing to the garage partner Autonet Rent Car
4. If an accident casualties, then the rental car rental is not responsible for accident victims.

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